HP Printer Offline ?

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Why HP Printer Goes Offline?

There are some possibilities for HP printer offline. The reason behind HP printer offline, because printer losses the IP address from the router. Which is the source of internet connection, just because of a wireless router. HP printer is able to communicate to all the devices it shows offline. So in case printer gets turn off or goes into sleep mode, there might a chance router allot the same IP to another device. When hp printer again turn on, it might not pick up a new IP every time. If IP Address has not picked up, printer shows offline.

Another reason in case we change the wifi router password,  the hp printer wouldn’t be able to speak to router. So printer doesn’t get connected back. It goes into the state where it says printer offline!

How To Fix HP Printer Offline Mode?

The very first step is to check hp printer has a blue light on it. So check it out the blue light is solid or blinking. If it is solid that is a sign, printer is still talking to the Network. When it flashes that the printer has lost the connection from the WiFi router.

If blue light is solid ( blue light is the sign of wireless connectivity) simply download the Hp scan doctor from the hp official website ( https://support.hp.com/in-en/drivers) and run that. Hp printer offline problem will be solved.

When blue light flickers, HP printer does not connect to WiFi. We can simply go to printer’s setting into hp printer menu and go to network setting and search for wireless networks once see all network’s list. Pick up your network SSID found click on connect enter the wifi key and printer will be back on the track.

Connect via WPS :

wps button

On all the major HP printer we have a button called WPS button next to the blue light. Press that button hold it down for like 3-4 seconds then release it. Right after that need to go to wifi router. Doing have the same WPS button press it once and hold it like for 4-5 seconds and that’s all. Now after doing this work we are good to go and hp printer connected back online.

For more help & support Dial 1-855-924-8222 HP PRINTER SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER

Other HP Printer problems such as unable to communicate with computer, HP wireless Printer doesn’t connect with router, use above method. Now we believe HP Printer Offline problem fixed. The same process can correct any brand printer offline issues.

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HP Printer Offline
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