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How to add HP Wireless Printer and installing printer on Network  :-

HP printer have a wide range of all kinds of printers. Such as Inkjet, Officejet, Envy, Laserjet , Deskjet and so on. The great part is that now days all the HP Printers come with wireless feature of printing however they still have a USB connection too.
Now question arises how to do HP Wireless Printer Setup to the network, well the basic algorithm is similar to all HP Printer Wireless Installation steps are given below :

HP Wireless Printer Setup via Network key   :-

First of all install the drivers via disk which comes  with the HP Printer box or you can visit to HP Official Website ( ) click on this link put the model number of HP Printer and find the right drivers.

Follow these steps after HP Printer Driver Installation :-

Go to HP Printer Wireless and Network console and select the option which has your SSID name. You might see multiple names there, pick only your own SSID name. Put the network key and make it done, it will take few movements to connect. Once it connected you will see the pop on printer screen. It’s done and get an opportunity to print the report. Make sure print this report so you can have the IP address of the printer. Which might help you in the future reference.
Install the printer via wps button that is way more simple than the manual process. In this process HP Printer Installation done via a button called WPS. This wps button is available on both devices, on  your HP Printer and on the wireless router too. No matter which model of printer you have. All Printer would have by default a physical button next to the blue color light.

Installation of HP Wireless Network Printer Via WPS   :-

Turn on the HP Printer and press and hold down the WPS Button for 5 secs. Then after move to the router, find and recognize the same WPS Button press and hold it down for 5 secs. After pressing the button on the printer user will have about 2 minutes to go the router and do the same on it.
This post is been posted by HPSOLCENTER to help HP Printer users community. To get rid of any sort of printing issues, cannot setup HP Printer Online, need assistance while setting up wireless printers. Many times we see some basic issue where users get stuck. While installing any printer or setting up network printers or any sort of trouble while printing or networking devices issue. You can always contact to our technical support number 1-855-924-8222 .

Benefits of HP Wireless Printer

Wireless printer doesn’t require a wire connection. So they have the flexibility to relocated to anywhere.

Wireless printers will work with a multitude of different mobile devices. That means you can print from your mobile also.

Cables and connections are expensive. They consume a lot of space but wireless printers reduce the need for them.

Wires are not only unattractive and space-consuming; they can also be a safety hazard.   A wireless printer removes the need for this excess, requiring only the power cord.  The rest of the connection process has done through a signal.

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HP Wireless Printer Setup
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